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  Used Tektronix 80C04 cr2 optical plug in for csa8000 Tektronix 80C04 CR2 Contact Sales
  Used Agilent HP 54602A 150mhz 4 channel oscilloscope 20ms/s Agilent HP 54602A Contact Sales
  New TEK SCD5000 /7/35 200GS waveform digitizer with options 07, 35 Tektronix SCD5000 /07/35 Contact Sales
  Used HP 98640A a/d converter card used in hp 200 and 300 series computers Agilent HP 98640A Contact Sales
  Used Odyssey OD-100 data aquisition system 8 channel, streaming recording to disk Nicolet Odyssey OD-100 Contact Sales
  Used Tektronix A6907 high voltage isolator, 2 channel Tektronix A6907 Contact Sales
  Used Tektronix A6909 high voltage isolator, 4 channel Tektronix A6909 Contact Sales
  Used HP 16500C HP 16500C logic analyzer mainframe w/floppy/hard disk drives Agilent HP 16500C Contact Sales
  Used HP 16702A HP 16702A logic analyzer mainframe windows based operation Agilent HP 16702A Contact Sales
  Used HP 16740A HP 16740A logic analyzer card 68ch 2ghz timing 200mhz state Agilent HP 16740A Contact Sales
  Used HP 16750A HP 16750A logic analyzer card 68ch 800mhz timing 400mhz state Agilent HP 16750A Contact Sales
  Used HP 16911A /256 HP 16911A /256 logic analyzer card 68ch 4ghz timing 250mhz state Agilent HP 16911A /256 Contact Sales
  Used HP 1660AS logic analyzer/SCOPE 500mhz timing,100mhz state,136 channel Agilent HP 1660AS Contact Sales
  Used YOKOGAWA VT3000 mpeg-2 transport stream content recorder and player Yokogawa VT3000 Contact Sales
  Used Agilent HP 54651A RS232 interface adaptor for hp 54600 series scopes Agilent HP 54651A Contact Sales
  Used HP 54645D SCOPE 2 CH PLUS 16 LOGIC CHANNELS Agilent HP 54645D Contact Sales
  Used Tektronix TDS540C SCOPE 4 CH 500mhz 2GS/S Tektronix TDS540C Contact Sales
  Used Rohde & Schwartz UAF video analyzer Rohde & Schwartz UAF Contact Sales
  Used TEK 013-0278-00 VIDEO CLAMP Tektronix 013-0278-00 Contact Sales
    showing 1 - 19 of 19  
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