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  New HP 05087-60012 10mhz amplifier module for the hp 5087a new Agilent HP 05087-60012 Contact Sales
  Used HP 8341B/003 10MHZ-20GHZ SIGNAL GENERATOR,low harmonics option Agilent HP 8341B /003 Contact Sales
  Used HP 8672A 2-18ghz synthesized signal generator Agilent HP 8672A Contact Sales
  Used HP 8644A/1/2/4/7 2060Mhz signal generator with HSTB,enhaced spectral,audio osc Agilent HP 8644A /1/2/4/7 Contact Sales
  Used DBM SSG-10/4000 4ghz signal generator dbm SSG-10/4000 Contact Sales
  Used Analogic 2045B -1G Analogic 2045 POLYNOMIAL waveform synthesiser 1ghz Analogic data precision 2045B Contact Sales
  Used FLANN CP9242/JJ/X/C attenuator controller Flann CP9242 /JJ/X/C/4 Contact Sales
  Used FLANN CP9242/JJ/11/6 attenuator controller Flann CP9242 /JJ/11/6/s/gpib Contact Sales
  Used FLANN 20565-002 attenuator, waveguide, 6db Flann 20565-002 Contact Sales
  Used FLANN 20565-001 attenuator, waveguide, 6db Flann 20565-001 Contact Sales
  Used JRC NJT5023 block up converter 950-1450MHZ to 14-14.5GHZ L to KU band jrc japan radio NJT5023 Contact Sales
  Used EIDEN 3315A-001 BS/CS digital signal generator for video industry EIDEN 3315-001 Contact Sales
  Used FLANN 18130-10 coupler, waveguide Flann 18130-10 Contact Sales
  Used FLANN 20131-10 coupler, waveguide Flann 20131-10 Contact Sales
  Used FLANN 18131-10 coupler, waveguide Flann 18131-10 Contact Sales
  Used Tektronix DVT200 B5 digital video transmitter with option B5 noise source Tektronix DVT200 /B5 Contact Sales
  Used FLANN 20610 electronic conrolled waveguide attenuator Flann 20610 Contact Sales
  Used FLANN 18610 electronic conrolled waveguide attenuator Flann 18610 Contact Sales
  Used Racal-dana 9478 frequency distribution unit racal dana 9478 Contact Sales
  Used noisecom nc6107 noise source Noisecom NC6107 Contact Sales
  Used noisecom UFX-7108 noise source 100hz to 500mhz Noisecom UFX-7108 Contact Sales
  Used Tektronix HFS9003 programable stimulus generator with 1PS resolution Tektronix TEK HFS9003 Contact Sales
  Used Tektronix HFS 9DG1 programable stimulus generator plug in quad differential ecl out Tektronix TEK HFS 9DG1 Contact Sales
  Used HP 8657A /001 signal generator 1040mhz with option 001 high stab tb Agilent HP 8657A /001 Contact Sales
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