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Category : Computer and Networking :   HP Computer Products : Agilent HP 382 industrial workstation 68040 based computer (Agilent HP 382 A2250A A2241A)

Agilent HP 382 A2250A  A2241A

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Manufacturer  Agilent HP

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Item# Agilent HP 382
Mfg. Part# Agilent HP 382 A2250A A2241A
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Agilent HP 382 industrial workstation 68040 based computer  (Agilent HP 382 A2250A A2241A)

Product Overview

HP 382 workstation , based on the 68040 cpu. This computer is somewhat configurable. When identified as a model A2241A it would come with basic software loaded on the hard disk. If it is identified as the A2250A it would have hpux loaded. LAN and scsi are optional. Please call with you're configuration needs, as we can install requested options. Please note that there are not a huge amount of these around so we may be out of stock from time to time on them. We may also be able to provide the R382 systems.Quantity of up to 2 available as of 9-30-06


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